Strategic Solutions for Data Management

Design and Development

Capital Strategic Solution’s comprehensive open data and financial reporting innovations assist how our clients interpret data in a way that is more useful, increasing participation, and developing economic prospects.  

We easily build your budget and manage spending in context with performance data throughout the year with our open data and financial reporting solutions. We specialize in creating back-end development of portals designed to contain projects, equipment purchases, and studies for our clients; in conjunction with project schedules and associated financial information.

Asset Management

Many of our clients do not have the resources to construct a simplified solution to structure their data in a streamlined portal. By implementing a one-stop-shop for our clients, we allow them to intuitively harness critical information at their fingertips and enable them to make the best decisions for their organization.

Open data solutions stand at the epicenter of all industries including, non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions, small and large businesses. Through the utilization of open data, we enable our clients to share essential details with their audience about their organization, projects, future plans and developments.

Strategic Planning and Support

We have created custom data solutions for:

  • Asset/Inventory Control

  • Case Management

  • Customer Relationship Tools

  • Catalogs of Educational

  • Classes and Registrations

  • Employee Tracking

  • Event Calendars/Registrations

  • Home Owner’s

  • Association Administration

  • Project Management