Why Planning Ahead is so Important

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Image of Penguins on a Beach with the text, why planning ahead is so important.

That Four-Letter Word You Love to Hate… Snow…

While most people are enjoying the “Dog Days of Summer” at Capital Strategic Solutions, we are already looking ahead to the cooler temperatures and the climatic changes that will occur during the winter months in New England…

Preparing for the winter season enables us to support proper decision-making by delivering the right message, at the right time. Our process of disseminating information creates effective communication with a diverse audience that may have varying functional needs.

By developing a strategic communications plan, we build public awareness campaigns that translate awareness into action. We assist municipal agencies in building preparation tool kits that best fits the unique qualities of their community.

  • Key Messaging – Developing the main points that you want to convey to your target audience effectively.

  • Talking Points – Bullet points targeted for an array of audiences.

  • Fact Sheets – Providing useful information about a particular situation or incident for distribution to the public.

  • Social Media – Developing a comprehensive package of suggested posts that can be implemented on a variety of social media platforms.

  • Presentation Templates – A collection of PowerPoint presentations and graphic displays to enhance communications with your community.

At Capital Strategic Solutions, we evolve as conditions change to keep your community informed. We work closely with you to create solutions that best suit the environment and the needs of the public.

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