Social Media Drives Influence

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Social Media Icons Displayed on Smartphone

The true power of social media is derived from influence. Social Media provides an avenue for organizations to not only engage with stakeholders and customers, but also to influence them with the right content that helps them make a decision. Leveraging social media channels to engage, inform and build relationships can be difficult, and many organizations do not always implement social media to the best of their capabilities.

With so much competition for attention on social media, it’s no surprise that engaging content is key, but social media is a tool for listening, not just talking. When used strategically over time — social media is the most effective form of communicating and market research the world has ever seen. However, success with a social channel will not sprout over night, it’s a platform for real work. The biggest factor that hurts conversions is lack of trust. Social media provides an awesomely efficient, cheap, and effective way to build that trust and open doors to new relationships.

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