Public Environmental Education and Outreach Leads to Greater Compliance

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

When individuals begin to understand their responsibility of preventing stormwater pollution in their community, they begin to make modifications in their behavior.

An informed and knowledgeable community is vital to the success of any stormwater management program. Capital Strategic Solutions works in concert with communities across Massachusetts to help create programs to educate the public on the impacts of stormwater pollution and measures that can be implemented to improve the quality and reduce the quantity of illicit discharge.  

“Having Capital Strategic Solutions on board with our MS4 Community Outreach Program has allowed us to reach a variety of community members through a number of mediums,” said Patrick Haley, Assistant Director of Westminster Department of Public Works. “We have noticed greater support of the program as the public has become more aware of the personal responsibilities expected of them and others in the community, including the individual actions they can take to protect or improve the quality of our local water resources.” 

Through the distribution of educational materials, we help provide a greater understanding of a municipality's MS4 permit requirements for its constituents. Compliancy of the MS4 program grows as the public gains a greater understanding of the reasons why it is necessary and important. The cumulative effect that these changes in behavior have on stormwater quality is the ultimate goal of conducting outreach and education - education leads to greater compliance. Public support is particularly beneficial when operators of small MS4s attempt to institute new funding initiatives for the program or seek volunteers to help implement the program. 

​Our approach encompasses people of all ages, race, background, income and education levels. We strive to make materials and activities relevant to the communities in which we serve by incorporating a variety of strategies ensuring maximum coverage. Our outreach addresses the viewpoints and concerns of a variety of audiences, including minority and disadvantaged communities, multiple languages, people with disabilities and target audiences such as commercial, industrial and institutional entities. And most importantly, it supports behavior modifications that all individuals are capable of making in their daily lives to help reduce negative impacts on water quality. 

We provide our clients with the support to develop strategic communications that help address or prevent environmental issues regarding the quality of water. If you are interested in these types of services and/or learning more about what we do, please contact or call 508-690-0046.

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