Protect Your Agency with ArchiveSocial

Social media archiving protects your agency as you serve and inform your citizens.

In government, social media can be used to promote local events, convey important news, warn citizens and drivers about inclement weather or other emergency conditions. The implementation of social media has it's niche benefits across different departments. A police department may use their channels for crime prevention, or a local municipality may grant its employees administrator rights to answer constituents’ questions.

While leveraging social media to connect with residents might sound like an easy thing to do, it can present some challenges. One of the biggest is preserving social media activity in-line with public records law. The Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Electronic Records Guidelines explicitly identifies social media as a form of electronic records or communication — just like government email — so archiving this activity is critical. Unlike email, however, social media records can be dynamic and difficult for agencies to manage. So, if you want to bring social media to your community, your first step may be focusing on a way to archive everything captured on your social platforms and channels. Archiving ensures compliance with public records laws and social media retention requirements.

Our team was ecstatic to be introduced to ArchiveSocial in 2014 while launching the first official social media accounts in Framingham, Massachusetts. ArchiveSocial allowed Framingham to maintain records of all social media activity, across all platforms and departments, regardless of whether a post was deleted on the original network. ArchiveSocial's platform captured all data, including content that predated implementation of their services. In our time in Framingham, we facilitated over 3,000 public records requests, the automated archiving was a large relief from time-consuming records management duties and gave us more time to focus on other priority projects.

“Unless we had a reason to appeal to the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office, we were only granted 10 days to respond to a public records request, and unfortunately, the amount of time it would take Facebook or Twitter to pull the information requested would be too risky to rely on while trying to stay compliant with the law. With an inability to trust these private companies to provide us with the information we needed in a timely enough manner, ArchiveSocial became an extremely valuable tool for our team." Nichol Figueiredo, former Framingham Public Information Officer.

ArchiveSocial’s best-in-class social media archive ensures legal compliance and peace of mind in the dynamic and unpredictable world of social media. The impact of how comprehensive and easy-to-use ArchiveSocial is can be marginal for your organization. Don't just take our word for it, see why we love this crew for yourself:

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