Navigating Through the Challenges of 2020

Navigating through the challenges of 2020 has not been easy for anyone, and the necessity to effectively reach community members with critical information has never been more important. As the year draws to a close, we are very grateful to our clients and the communities we serve for instilling their trust in Capital Strategic Solutions, LLC (CSS) to assist in conveying their messaging throughout this year of many extremes.

At CSS, we are proud to support our clients as they maneuver through these challenging times. Our role as communicators and our ability to relay information in bite-size, digestible pieces has allowed our clients to effectively change behaviors within their respective communities, opened doors to two-way communications, and has improved their relationships with their constituents – building trust.

Whether our clients are looking to build optimism around a project or an initiative, change focus surrounding a situation, instill curiosity or prepare for a future decision; we compel our clients to impart information in a way that inspires their community members to take action. By energizing a community with moving messages, and educating them about a plan or process, it allows individuals to develop their own conclusions and provides community members with a sense of ownership.

Municipalities have faced considerable changes in the way public outreach is conducted in 2020, as neighborhood and public meetings have transitioned to virtual platforms. Social media has become the new “norm” for circulating news, due to its power to change not just the message, but the dynamics of a situation rapidly. For many of our clients already using social media, the transition to communicate virtually was seamless and the dissemination of their news and updates gathered significant traction through the tools that we provided, playing into the attention-economy of social media.

The attention-economy of social media, refers to the content that attracts more attention to be seen, shared and disseminated. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor and Instagram often serve as modifiers that enlighten or transform individual's opinions because of the abundance of insight and information that are shared between the platforms.

At CSS, we use a variety of tactics and channels to reinforce our clients messaging, increase understanding and harness the true power of change. By making a necessary investment in your communications, you will empower your community with knowledge, instill belief and lead to true change overtime.

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