Maximizing ARPA, CARES, and FEMA Grants

Grants can help bridge the gap between your agencies’ resources and needs. They are meant to be a resolution to evolving community problems when budgets are limited. Grant opportunities exist for all levels of government and can include opportunities for funding for agriculture, arts, business and commerce, community development, consumer protection, disaster prevention and relief, education, employment, labor and training, energy, environment, food and nutrition, health, housing, infrastructure improvements, etc.. Agencies of every size and at all levels can benefit from grants. The application process can be challenging to navigate, and getting grant funding can be very competitive. To obtain grant funding, your agency must submit an application or a proposal. A considerable amount of research and planning is necessary to submit a strong application. Most grant programs have limited timeframes and are designed to fund a specific focus area and have specific requirements for eligibility. There are countless municipalities across New England lacking the staffing, resources or sometimes the experience needed to effectively navigate grant programs at the local, state, and federal levels. Some communities are posting specialized positions to manage ARPA, CARES, and FEMA grants, however, it can be challenging to fill these positions with the right person qualified to maximize the benefits of these programs.

Why hire temporary staff for ARPA, CARES, and FEMA grants, when Capital Strategic Solutions employs the experience your agency needs at a fraction of the cost?

Capital Strategic Solutions (CSS) provides specialized consulting services to include advice and assistance with strategy and management of federal funds, grants management, and reporting to maximize drawdown of state and federal funding related to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), as well as other COVID-19 related funding. Our team is highly experienced in the fields of municipal finance and emergency management. In addition to grants and financial management, our staff has the unique experience and qualifications required to also provide advice on the management of ARPA programs, CARES funding, and FEMA assistance for agencies.

“We have recently deployed Capital Strategic Solutions to perform ARPA grant management services for the Town of Southborough. We are very excited to have them on board to assist us in navigating through the grant process,said Carla McAuliffe, Southborough Town Accountant.
"We are extremely excited to add the Towns of Southborough and Townsend to our growing list of clients that are in need of assistance with their ARPA, FEMA, and CARES grant management. Our team has over a decade of experience at the local, state, and federal levels managing grants and ensuring compliance with the grant guidelines and procurement laws. I am beyond proud of the work we are doing to save Massachusetts communities money and relieve some of the burdens on their existing workforce during these challenging times,” said Nichol Figueiredo, CEO, Capital Strategic Solutions.

We provide qualified staff and a compliance solution that will assist and lessen the burden on your existing staff. Throughout the process, we participate in ongoing meetings with your staff and officials to review progress and mitigate any issues or concerns and provide timely progress reports on all activities associated with the grant.

Our team utilizes its extensive experience in financial management, information management, training, reporting, and process analysis to help maximize the use of ARPA, CARES, and FEMA funding, as well as other grant funding opportunities. We employ our experience in the public sector to design and execute the necessary processes, forms, schedules, and other necessary procedures in an effort to maximize these funding opportunities.

Throughout the process, our team will remain committed to providing ongoing guidance on how to maximize funding for agencies through various avenues, assistance with interpreting federal and state regulations, and will hold staff training and individual instruction as needed. We also provide appropriate compliance reporting throughout the process and have experience with FEMA and other federal government audits. Our team is well versed in records retention requirements and will ensure that our clients are in full compliance with all required documents.

CSS is assisting agencies across the Commonwealth with the ARPA, CARES, and FEMA grants. Let’s schedule a meeting and discuss how we may be of assistance to your agency! You can contact our Chief Development Officer, Jennifer at or by telephone at (508) 690-0046 ext. 702.

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