Improve the Efficiency of Public Outreach Efforts by Having a Snow Operations Toolkit On-hand!

Winter is coming, and as you heed the advice from Game of Thrones and begin to prepare, you must ask yourself one question: Are you ready to tackle this snow season? You have spent your time researching all the latest snow removal technologies and equipment. You have everything you need once the snow and ice hits to maintain public safety and keep the roads clear, but have you thought about how you will inform members of the community about snow and ice operations? The business of snow and ice removal is time sensitive – people rely on you to ensure that they can keep traveling on the road, even when snow and temperatures keep falling. You must remain ten steps ahead of the next storm, often at times when you would normally be asleep. 

Capital Strategic Solutions is looking forward to working together with you this winter to protect health and wellbeing in your community by delivering a communications toolkit that will reduce pressure on your local outreach efforts and ensure resilience as demand increases. Your messages must be accessible to people with disabilities and in your recipient’s language. Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing cannot hear radio, television, sirens, or other audible alerts. Those who are blind or who have low vision may not be aware of visual cues. Our team works with agencies to convey timely, accurate, clear, and credible information. We enable audiences to better understand issues, act constructively upon the information provided and recover more quickly.

“Capital Strategic Solutions (CSS) was a great help to the Holden Department of Public Works as we implemented a new Snow Emergency Parking Ban procedure for the Winter of 2019-2020. Using information provided to them by the Town, CSS was able to quickly prepare a high quality information brochure for distribution in Town utility bills, a variety of social media messages specific to the Town, and a press release template. These tools are allowing us to spread the word to the community about the parking ban changes. Having the social media messages available in advance will also help us quickly and effectively provide the public with information regarding winter storm responses.” John R. Woodsmall, III, P.E.; Director of Public Works, Town of Holden.

The intent of using a communications toolkit is to assist messaging during and after a winter storm event in your community. Our toolkit contains information on communications with the media, partners and the public. During an emergency or disaster, the need for timely and accurate information, regarding what happened and what is being done, skyrockets. Our toolkits are developed custom for all of our clients to help coordinate key messages including, but not limited to:

  • The declaration of winter snow events.

  • Winter parking bans.

  • Snow and ice removal operations. 

  • Driving safely during hazardous conditions.  

  • Winterizing your home and vehicle. 

  • Heeding the advice of emergency officials.

  • Having an emergency plan and kit.  

  • Opting into emergency notification systems.  

At Capital Strategic Solutions, we provide our clients with the support that they need to help manage effective communications during winter weather events. If you are interested in learning more about what we do, please contact or call 508-690-0046

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