Happy National Water Quality Month!

In Massachusetts, our water resources are precious! That is why our team remains committed to partnering with various organizations and agencies across the Commonwealth to provide cost-conscious communication techniques and grant funding research options for safe drinking water.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated August as National Water Quality Month. With the uninterrupted availability of clean drinking water in the U.S., we often fail to recognize how regular human activities impact our water quality. National Water Quality Month reminds us how our actions affect our waterways.

Water utilities are facing numerous hurdles in their efforts to protect public health and safety, by providing safe, clean water; they are challenged by aging infrastructure, cybersecurity threats, declining revenues, emerging contaminants, drought, and a shortage of skilled workers. Not all of the Commonwealth’s public water systems share the same vulnerabilities, but all will be impacted in some way by changes in water use patterns, the depletion or contamination of natural resources, and regulatory compliance issues.

The chief executive officer of the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA), Doug Carlson, issued the following statement on the White House and Senate bipartisan agreement on infrastructure investment:

“This week, our government announced the largest investment for clean, safe drinking water in American history. The $55 billion for water infrastructure announced in the package will help the U.S. utility construction industry build and repair the pipes and treatment facilities required by hundreds of American communities and millions of American citizens.”
Amongst the funding initiatives is a set-aside for lead remediation which will finally allow NUCA’s members to replace all of the nation’s lead pipe service lines. These substantial new resources will make our communities safer and healthier, help expand our local economies, and provide tens-of-thousands of good-paying careers...”

Fortunately, this Senate deal contains a historic level of water infrastructure resources. Read the full statement by following this link.

For the public, knowing where their water comes from makes it easier to appreciate the quality of local waterways. A better educated public body will advocate for you and your community to keep these water sources as clean as possible. Thus, education it the pathway to support innovative financing and coordinated funding of projects to leverage these federal dollars.

At Capital Strategic Solutions, we understand that varying degrees of resources and dedicated public information staff can make it difficult to engage with consumers and target audiences, so we are here to assist in your efforts to communicate about the value and importance of water. Our team has over a decade of experience implementing public outreach/education strategies for municipalities all across the Commonwealth. We also offer a full variety of grant writing and technical assistance services customized to the needs of our clients. By crafting compelling applications and identifying ways to scale effective programs CSS can help you obtain grant funding which will assist with infrastructure improvements.

Successfully communicate with the public you serve! Contact us at info@capital-strategic-solutions.com or call 508-690-0046.

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