Grant Your Community the Assistance They Need!

Bridge the Gap Between Resources and Necessities

Grants are a great way for your agency to receive funding beyond the limits of your operating budget. In a post-pandemic environment, grants can assist your agency in bridging the gap between resources and necessities; they are a solution to evolving community challenges, especially when you are working with lean finances. Grants can provide financial assistance with infrastructure, transportation, technology, police and fire to arts, parks, and public welfare initiatives, etc..

Outside of revenue from property and sales taxes, federal and state grants can be a primary driver of income for many local communities and can be used to fuel neighborhood improvements. Obtaining grant funding can be extremely competitive. The number of requests for funding is continually greater than the funds available. This means that even strong applications may not be approved for funding.

At Capital Strategic Solutions, we assist our clients in obtaining grant funding each year by crafting compelling applications and identifying ways to scale effective programs.

We offer a full variety of grant writing and technical assistance services customized to the needs of our clients, including:

Identifying your community and department’s current needs during through strategic planning sessions.

  • Researching funding opportunities to find a grant that will fit your communities’ needs.

  • Verifying eligibility requirements to ensure compliance and gather all applicable data, financial records, etc.

  • Assembling grant application, develop the grant narrative.

  • Revising, editing, and proofreading the proposal.

  • Submitting the proposal.

  • Grant award management – ensuring compliance with grant award instructions.

  • Collection of grant related materials including receipts, reports, etc..

  • Grant closeout process.

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the federal government awarded state and local governments over $674 billion in grant funding in fiscal year 2017, reflecting an increase in funding.

The extra funding that grants provide for projects and public services, can stimulate your local economy and support critical recovery initiatives. At CSS, we understand that the grant process can be extremely difficult to navigate, and we want to offer your agency our assistance. Learn more, contact us at or call 508-690-0046.

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