Framingham's Dynamic Duo Are Back In Action!

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Former Framingham Public Information Officer, Nichol Figueiredo and Records Access Officer, Michael Tusino, IV have partnered up to launch Capital Strategic Solutions, LLC!

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MARLBOROUGH, MA - We are thrilled to announce that Capital Strategic Solutions, LLC has taken the next step forward in establishing our enterprise by bringing Nichol Figueiredo and Michael Tusino, IV back together and forming a limited liability company! Nichol and Michael previously worked side-by-side for the City of Framingham’s Technology Services Division. Together they had the responsibility of disseminating news, announcements and other official documents on behalf of city to the public. This was accomplished by issuing press releases, answering queries from the media, and supervising social media outreach; while coinciding an effort of different approaches that would boost the community’s engagement with their government. In addition to carrying out the function of managing citywide communications, Nichol and Michael facilitated over 3,000 public records requests in 2018 and launched the city’s newly redesigned website. The pair participated, planned and coordinated several key events for the city, including the Rock the Vote campaign, the city’s first inauguration of elected officials, and Representative Chris Walsh’s Celebration of Life; all while working diligently to provide assistance in promoting other initiatives undertaken by the multiple departments across municipality.

Since 2014 Capital Strategic Solutions has provided community outreach services for projects impacting communities; and has provided support services to municipal agencies, nonprofits and private businesses including a nationally syndicated radio program, real estate businesses, a career training program, and other groups and organizations in their efforts to engage their audience.

We are excited to expand our services to include, community engagement, impact mitigation, crisis communication, solutions for data management, website design services, and tactical social media outreach. Our technique to achieve success relies on our talent to communicate openly, transparently and our ability in developing strong long-term relationships with stakeholders.

Capital Strategic Solutions delivers creative and cost-effective results to maximize success while minimizing risk for our clients. Our team meets with our clients to define clear project goals to resolve complex challenges. We focus on establishing relationships, and work closely with our client to formulate and implement strategies that enable our clients to adapt to evolving conditions.

I am very pleased to have the innovative support of Michael Tusino, IV as Partner in Capital Strategic Solutions,” said Nichol Figueiredo. “His knowledge and expertise in communications, website and graphic design, as well as his background in public records will assist us in better serving our clients and allow them to take their outreach strategies to the next level.

It’s a delight to work with Nichol Figueiredo because she shares many of the same attributes that I value in a business partner: dependability, resourcefulness, passion, and sense of urgency required to deliver optimal solutions for our clients,” said Michael Tusino. “Great things cannot be done by one person, and Nichol’s talent and ability to see small opportunities and turn them in large achievements is at the heart of our teamwork.”

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