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Working in collaboration with the Framingham Housing Authority (FHA) to launch their newly redesigned website and Facebook Page for enhanced communications with the public was a rewarding and exciting project for us. Our main focus in working with the FHA was to create an easily navigable platform that would be transparent and intuitive for all visitors while also displaying forms and information in a way that would be inclusive to all.

A major part of the refurbishment of this site involved making sure that all of the material on the site could be translated into any language and was also ADA Compliant; with an ability to be received through screen readers. The new website neatly houses resources for qualifying individuals and families which consisted of forms and program information on Public Housing, Section 8 Leased Housing, Mortgage Assistance Programs, Homeownership, Rental Opportunities and Family Self Sufficiency programs in Framingham. New functionality, such as the Resident Services Request Form have been created as another means of contacting staff and boosting resident engagement.

“The updated website and coinciding Facebook Page will assist the Authority in accomplishing its mission to provide affordable housing in the City of Framingham by providing current information of the work that we are doing and the extensive housing development opportunities that create more sustainable communities,” said Executive Director Paul Landers, (FHA). “I see this as an important tool in empowering our residents and being able to keep them informed. “We want the local community to explore our website and become informed about the great asset that the Housing Authority serves as and the vital role we play — not just in the lives of our residents but in the community as a whole.”

Read the Framingham Housing Authority's full press release here!

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