Cutting out Cookie Cutter Clutter on Social Media

Don't get distracted by cute dog pictures - authenticity is the real key to establishing reliability and consistency with your audience.

Is your approach your organization's storytelling different from what your competitors are doing?

When posting updates on your social media channels, it is crucial to translate your vision and goals into a targeted and effective message that reaches your ideal customers and gives them compelling reasons to visit your site, learn more about your services, or buy your products.

There are ways to coordinate your messaging to maximize top of mind awareness, credibility and name recognition for your organization with the customers you want.

Social Media is constantly changing, and it’s important to keep up-to-date with the new tactics that can help grow your brand.
  • Create a schedule: Allocate specific times during your day to devote to social media marketing. Posting content that is timely and relates to current events will get more engagement than cookie-cutter content. Take at least ten minutes each morning to check the news, check twitter, get updates on your industry, and use content that makes the most sense for your audience.

  • Use the 80-20 rule: Spend 80% of your content focusing on things that are educational, engaging and helpful to your audience. The other 20% should be used to promote your business or brand. People will flock to you for your amazing content, not your self-promotional posts about your business.

  • Quality over quantity: It can be easy to get caught up in the numbers, but it’s better to have 1,000 highly engaged and loyal followers than 10,000 followers who sign up to follow you but never acknowledge you again.

  • Freebies: Social Media is great for companies to promote “word of mouth” marketing and reputation. Getting your customers to say nice things about you can be as effective as traditional advertising and more cost efficient. Coupons and rebates make a difference, but given the chance, people will talk more about what they will get for free.

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