Communication is Critical During Severe and Unusual Weather

Fast, accurate, and frequent communication with constituents is fundamental when effectively preparing for the management of severe weather emergency events.

In severe weather situations where forecasts may have provided some means of early warning, circumstances can change rapidly and the unexpected can occur. A comprehensive communication plan allows for both outbound and inbound communication to enable your team to have a 360-degree view of the situation.

In an emergency situation, your message must be accessible to people with disabilities and in your recipient’s language. Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing cannot hear radio, television, sirens, or other audible alerts. Those who are blind or who have low vision may not be aware of visual cues. Communications must be developed to ensure that all citizens will have the information necessary to make sound decisions and take appropriate, responsible action.

Covering multiple media channels increases the chance that your community members will receive the message quickly. At Capital Strategic Solutions, we use a “By Any Means Necessary” approach in developing communication strategies to encompass many diverse groups of constituents. This is handled by disseminating information through methods that may include: press releases and media advisories, social media posts, website alerts, email notification systems, radio and television spots. Our team works with agencies to convey timely, accurate, clear, and credible information. We enable audiences to better understand issues, act constructively upon the information provided and recover more quickly.

At Capital Strategic Solutions, we provide our clients with the support that they need to help manage effective risk and crisis communication during severe and unusual weather situations. If you are interested in these types of services and/or learning more about what we do, please contact or call 508-690-0046.

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