Building a Strong Foundation for Public Outreach Efforts with Digital Influence

The most successful project always has support from its biggest stakeholders—the public. How do you get there? The answer: with a well-planned public outreach campaign. From market research to brochures to public meetings, and everything in between, our communications, research, and graphics experts can help get the word out about your latest project. Are you trying to understand your local community’s wants and needs before you embark on a new project? We can help with that too. Public outreach is a big deal to our team...

Capital Strategic Solutions (CSS) has a unique approach to blending traditional and digital channels to create an integrated and effective communications program. We develop social media outreach plans that increase message reach, build customer networks, and create maximum engagement on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and others. We are experts at the nuances of communicating through each social channel. We understand the importance of developing engaging content to create more interaction among target audiences. We also engage community stakeholders in specialized categories, like utility districts, to reach target populations with stories and articles that are informative and, more importantly, engaging. Our goal is to design and implement creative social media programs that garner attention and keep clients at the leading edge of innovation when connecting with consumers.

It is uncontested that social media is a valuable part of a communications strategy, and its potential is limitless. Whether you’re driving engagement, humanizing your brand, increasing awareness of your services and ongoing projects, social media is a low-cost, high-engagement way to achieve your goals. We have helped clients reach and grow audiences with everything from an integrated social media and content strategy to social media promotions.

Benefits of Using Social Media as a Part of a Public Outreach Campaign:

  • Become more transparent.

  • Control your messaging.

  • Create awareness about changes in the area and local facilities.

  • Develop a brand for your initiative or project.

  • Educate the public about potential, current, and future projects.

  • Encourage the public to get engaged.

  • Gain public buy-in.

  • Get input and feedback from the residents and customers.

  • Understand your community and customers.

Social Media Management Services.

When it comes to social media marketing, most people want to know how much it costs. The answer? It depends on several factors: the experience of the employees at the agency you hire, the plan you choose, the number of social networks you use to engage your audience, and more. On average, however, most will spend $4,000 to $7,000 per month on social media management, which generally includes a monthly ad spend, as well as a custom marketing and advertising strategy for one or more networks. 

At Capital Strategic Solutions, we offer numerous social media plans to help you customize your strategy and make the most of your budget. Social media services from CSS begin at only $500 per month. 

Pricing for Social Media Management.

Why do some agency packages cost $100 / month (or less), and some cost upwards of multiple thousands / month? Well, the pricing has to do with several factors:

  • How much work are you asking the agency to do for you?

  • Can any of the work be automated? (vs. needing a human being to personally do the work)

  • How much of the work requires real-time activity vs. pre-scheduling the work for the week or month?

  • Are you happy with general posts, or do you want custom-branded posts written in your voice?

  • How much strategy and research is involved on a monthly basis?

  • How often are strategic adjustments made on your campaigns?

We’ve seen prices as low as $50 / month or lower for generic posts. These are automated programs that spit out posts according to topics you choose. The posts are not specific to your company or brand and are not written in your voice, but they may give some value to your audience. Don’t expect any relationship building or increased engagement with these posts, and since the links don’t go to your website, you won’t see any web traffic.

We are Offering a “Social Media Blue-Plate Special” for the Entire Summer!

During construction season, we know how difficult your public outreach work can be when you have limited time and assets, especially if you have several messages to communicate. That's where our team can affordably help your efforts. Creating an effective public outreach program is not overly difficult, but it does take effort and resources to increase and maintain public awareness, involvement and support for projects and programs. Right now, we are offering hearty and inexpensive plans for social media outreach services. Take advantage of our "social media blue-plate special" throughout the rest of the summer!

Outreach Plan 1

  • For about $500 per month, you can have custom-branded posts written in your voice and posted to one social network. Content would be published in a regulative manner, however, variance in scheduling will depend on the social network. These posts are terrific for keeping your pages fresh and current. Adding your own engagement will keep you top-of-mind with your community. 

Outreach Plan 2

  • Engagement and outreach to increase your network, build relationships, attract attention, and drive website traffic will usually cost you upwards of $300 per social media platform on a weekly basis. The investment depends upon the number of social platforms you want to be on, how quickly you want to increase your visibility, how much direct outreach is involved, and how often your campaigns are analyzed and tweaked.

Outreach Plan 3

  • Full-service social media campaigns will often come with a comprehensive, multi-platform social media program that might include creation, enactment, and management of an integrated content marketing and social media marketing campaign. Outreach Plan 3 focuses the goals of expanding brand recognition and visibility on multiple social networks, attracting targeted prospects to value-rich blog content, and using social media to help build a growing pipeline of prospects and customers. Under this plan, our team is fully available to support your organization's social media outreach endeavors. For a rate of just $80 per hour, our team extends itself to fill-in the role of a Public Information Officer for your organization.

The Bottom Line...

An experienced public outreach specialist has the time, tools, resources, and expertise to handle your social media accounts. CSS offers social media management plans to help you develop a custom strategy and social media pages that drive results for your public outreach efforts. When making your selection, it’s imperative to not only ask about pricing, but check out the company’s previous work and satisfied customers. No matter what you are paying, you must trust the agency with whom you are working. Try it before you buy it – sign on for one month with the potential to extend to a six month contract if you are satisfied with your results! Let’s get started today! Visit, give us a call at (508) 690-0046, or send us an email at

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