Building a Culture that Breeds Talent

When a firefighter arrives at the scene of a fire, they are seen as a hero. When a utility worker arrives at the scene of a water main break, they are often taken for granted because people are generally unfamiliar with the services they provide. Both of these workers have risk associated with their jobs, and consequently, communities would be in peril if either of their roles went unfulfilled.

Utility workers are tasked with protecting public safety each and every day by supplying communities with safe drinking water, maintaining fire flows and being responsible for the facilitation of waste removal. During the extreme times that we are living in, skilled qualified workers are difficult to find, especially water and wastewater professionals. 

Some of the biggest hurdles we will face in the coming years are related to utilities - the management of our water supply, distribution networks; and providing resources for waste management for our increasing population. As technology grows more expansive and experienced workers begin to move into retirement, we will continue to face an extreme shortage of skilled workers. Attracting, training and retaining employees is a dedicated process that takes an investment in time and resources. Growing your agency’s online persona and utilizing social media platforms to educate potential candidates about the culture of your organization will prepare you with a recruiting edge. Showcasing the projects your team is working on and highlighting their accomplishments fosters an online environment that attracts talent. 

Today’s high-performing employees are looking for more than compensation, packages, and benefits. Potential candidates might move to another job for better compensation, but they are also looking for growth and an environment where they can participate in the decision-making and be part of the team. The key is to have a positive work environment where employees are recognized for their contributions, good performance, where there is good communication, and where everyone shares in the excitement of being part of a successful organization.

At Capital Strategic Solutions, we work with municipal agencies across New England assisting them with their internal and external communications. We provide them with the support they need in building a brand for themselves and a culture that others envy. Let’s get started today, email or call (508) 690-0046.

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