Attracting Qualified Candidates to Public Sector Jobs

We Want To Help You Attract and Retain Qualified Workers!

Even though data suggests there isn’t a significant labor shortage, attracting qualified workers is a growing challenge for employers. The number of unemployed Americans per job opening was 1.0 in May 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However the fact remains, public sector leadership is still feeling the pressure.

With rising retirements and an aging government workforce, this has created a highly-competitive job market for anyone searching for qualified new hires. Further, prolonged hiring times, bureaucratic and hierarchical management models also make it harder to attract younger generations of workers, who increasingly want to work for innovative and agile employers.

To amplify recruitment and retention, public sector employers need to do more than post the same kinds of job descriptions and hope the best candidates apply. They need to understand what job seekers want, and take action to attract people to a career in public service. Today’s high-performing employees are looking for more than compensation, packages, and benefits. Potential candidates might move to another job for better compensation, but they are also looking for growth and an environment where they can participate in the decision-making and be part of the team.

A solid internal communications strategy can be a powerful component of your outreach efforts and brand storytelling! It’s by far the easiest way to turn the people in your organization into informed and enthusiastic brand ambassadors. As the daily communicators of your organization by virtue, your employees are actively promoting your company’s values, mission and goals even when they are off-the-clock.

“One of the best strategies to build a roadmap for recruiting qualified skilled employees is to leverage the power of your existing employees.” said Nichol Figueiredo, CSS, CEO. “By regularly engaging with employees, you are developing brand ambassadors, and empowering them to carry out your organization's mission, vision and values. We work with our clients to develop strategic communications plans that incorporate opportunities to strengthen their relationships with their employees and expand opportunities for their employee’s influence on external stakeholders and potential employees.”

Attracting, training and retaining employees is a dedicated process that takes an investment in time and resources.Growing your agency’s online persona with social media platforms to educate potential candidates about the culture of your organization will prepare you with a recruiting edge. Showcasing the projects your team is working on and highlighting their accomplishments fosters an online environment that attracts talent.

At Capital Strategic Solutions, we work with municipal agencies across New England assisting them with their internal and external communications. We provide them with the support they need in building a brand for themselves and a culture that others envy. Let’s get started today! Email or call (508) 690-0046.

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