A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Live

Due to the way Facebook's algorithm currently works, 'Live' videos are more likely to show up on viewer's newsfeeds than articles, pictures and other video. The more engagement you get on your live video, the more traditional content from your feeds will also get in front of your Facebook followers and prospective readers. Because of this cycle of reinforcement, engagement on your live videos is more important than ever. The best Facebook live videos not only tell a story, but prompt questions and engagement as well.

Post Engagement is Key

Post reach is one of the most important of all the Facebook metrics when viewing how far your message traveled, but it only means your posts are showing up in a newsfeed. Reach doesn’t drive people back to your page; it doesn’t build affinity to your organization. Success needs to be measured in other ways.

Facebook Live for the sake of Facebook Live does little to drive engagement. The medium requires more interaction than delivering a one-way message through a TV screen. You need viewers and followers to connect. You need to give them a reason to like, share, comment and interact. 

Moderating comments is an entirely different task from asking questions live and getting answers in real-time. Be responsive, otherwise, you might as well take your time to produce and post a static video. Identify the people within your organization who embrace the platform. A one-minute Facebook Live that only teases the news story they’ll tell later that night won’t drive viewers to your page. It doesn’t encourage a two-way conversation.

Ultimately, the short-term goal when using Facebook Live is always to gain more followers and boost engagement. Inherently, some videos elicit more engagement than others. The best way to start using Facebook Live is to broadcast a variety of content to test what is received best; whether it be breaking news, a simple static shot of a park in your community’s plaza, or anything else you could imagine.

After you have Finished, Measure and Repeat

It’s easier than ever before to measure and gauge success. Check all your analytics and determine what can be improved. Did your audience tune in for the entire broadcast? Or did they drop off part way through? Did your audience fail to ask enough questions? Whatever metrics you are monitoring, make sure you learn everything you can, so the next broadcast is even better.

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