We specialize in creating community engagement strategies to enhance communications, mitigate impacts and respond effectively during a crisis situation. Community engagement is essential in building consensus and support of initiatives and projects. By building goodwill and encouraging dialogue, we build trust with the community.


CSS works diligently to develop a strategic road map to engagement for each of our clients. We identify stakeholders and incorporate them in our outreach efforts. We recognize the strengths of each individual community and build on weaknesses, transforming each community into a more bonded and unified group through the sharing of information. We create a unique communications structure which embraces socially and culturally diverse communities; valuing the differences, building on trust through commitment and providing a voice so that all constituents are heard.


  • Identifying stakeholders

  • Conducting community surveys, interviews and focus groups

  • Developing and maintaining project databases

  • Providing website development and maintenance

  • Implementing, developing, and maintaining social media strategies

  • Producing and distributing presentations, notices, newsletters, updates, educational videos and public service announcements

  • Staffing and facilitating neighborhood meetings


Community engagement is a way of ensuring that community members have access to valued social settings and activities, feel that they are able to contribute meaningfully to those activities, and develop functional capabilities that enable them to participate fully.

Benefits of Community Engagement
  • Greater consumer understanding of health issues and local priorities.

  • Improved consumer and community satisfaction.

  • Greater community ownership and investment.

  • More responsive health services.

  • Greater accountability for public funds.

  • The development of better quality services.