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Capital Strategic Solutions (CSS) is a Massachusetts-based woman-owned business comprised of former municipal employees. We deliver creative and cost-effective services that maximize success while minimizing risk for our clients. Our team specializes in community engagement, grant writing & management, impact mitigation & crisis communication, project management and oversight, solutions for data management, website design services, tactical social media outreach, and virtual and in-person event planning. Our team works diligently with our clients to define clear project goals while resolving complex challenges. We focus on establishing relationships and work closely with our clients to formulate and implement strategies that enable them to adapt to evolving conditions and technologies.


Project management and oversight is the continuous review and evaluation of processes to ensure compliance with statutory, administrative, and regulatory requirements. Our team has over 20 years of experience in project management and oversite focusing on community investments, such as capital improvements, community development, fire and emergency management, infrastructure improvement project review and oversight, public and personnel policy development, and public safety.


Our Project Managers oversee municipal projects and follow guidelines established by the appointing authority. Together, our professional staff members evaluate all aspects of the project to ensure technical capacity and capability prior to implementation. They also monitor projects to determine

whether they are progressing on time, within budget, and in accord with the approved scope of work outlined in the plans and specifications.


Our team is skilled at planning community events at any size and scale, from intimate neighborhood meetings to large scale events that encompass an entire community that feature a numerous of components: public-private partnership opportunities, public relations, the incorporation of social media, community-based programming, public/private coordination, civic engagement, and opportunities for public participation in-person or virtually. Community events emulate the spirit of a community and provide monumental moments for attendees.

We develop and manage social media strategies that reach our clients’ targeted audience and speaks to the areas in which their community is most interested. We adapt the message and method to each client and situation using traditional and digital media.

CSS offers communities an understanding of social media marketing and the importance of its role in changing perceptions and behaviors. Our campaigns are tailored to meet the individual needs of each unique community. 

We work with our clients to develop dynamic ADA-compliant websites. Our clients are leading the way with their digital presence and understand the power of a service-minded approach to their website design. Our team ensures that each website is well organized, content-rich, highly searchable, and are continuously updated and improved to enhance the end-user’s experience. 


Creating a positive brand impression and a strong online presence is essential in today’s highly competitive environment. Our team can design and produce outreach materials that have an impact. 

“The Town of Townsend is very pleased with the COVID-19 and FEMA grant management services provided to us by Capital Strategic Solutions.  Our questions and concerns are answered in a very timely manner.  Not sure how we would handle this without them.”

Theresa Walsh

Interim Town Accountant

Town of Townsend

“An outreach campaign designed with the purpose of education and advocacy can bring together businesses, employees, elected leaders, and most importantly, everyday citizens around one overriding concept: The investment in the renewal of critical Public Infrastructure will secure long term enhancements to a community’s economic health and establish the social returns to a Community that are both meaningful and tangible.”

Peter A. Sellers

Retired Executive Director

Framingham Public Works

City of Framingham

“Having Capital Strategic Solutions on board allowed our team to focus on reducing the TTHM and HAA5 levels in our system and address the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Agency violations, while they addressed the concerns of our customers through open dialogue and transparent communications.”

Dennis Morton

Public Works Operations Manager

Town of Plainville

"Stormwater management is an example of a decentralized problem, which requires amelioration across landscapes and on both private and public property. To achieve the participation of all stakeholders – the concerns of all stakeholders must be considered. Having Capital Strategic Solutions on board with our MS4 Public Outreach Program has allowed our partner communities to reach a variety of community members by sharing internet-based educational resources.”

Kerry Reed

Senior Stormwater & Environmental Engineer

City of Framingham on behalf of the Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition

"PFAS is an evolving issue. The new, more stringent PFAS limits recently put into place by MassDEP are designed to ensure Massachusetts water supplies are safe, and what is most important is that we make certain Easton's water supply meets those targets. The Town started testing for PFAS almost a year before any MassDEP regulations became a reality, and this was because we felt it was an important component to monitor within the Town water supply. That proactive approach continues today as we work towards addressing the contaminants in question. We have been working with Capital Strategic Solutions to keep the public informed as we work with local and state officials to develop, design, and implement the most prudent solution for our community. Nichol and Mike have been assisting our Water Division by responding to the concerns of our community, which has allowed us to focus on our next steps.”

David J. Field, P.E.

Director of Public Works

Town of Easton

“The outreach services that Capital Strategic Solutions has provided to the Town of Plainville have been invaluable to our community members. Nichol and her team have provided significant support to our team in managing the communications and the community outreach for elevated levels of PFAS6 in our public water supply, which has allowed us to focus on providing a long-term solution to eliminating PFAS in Plainville’s drinking water.” 

Paul Scott

Director of Public Works

Town of Plainville

“We brought Capital Strategic Solutions into our downtown project to ensure that two-way communication with all stakeholders – businesses, residents, and citizens alike – would be seamless. They have surpassed our expectations and created a social media presence for us that we did not anticipate. When construction went into hibernation for the winter, we pivoted. We used that media presence to highlight local business people – not their businesses, per se, but the people and their individual, special stories. The community response has been overwhelming. CSS has done an excellent job of capturing and disseminating these stories.”

Phil Duffy

Director of Community and Economic Development

Town of Clinton

“We have recently deployed Capital Strategic Solutions to perform ARPA grant management services for the Town of Southborough. We are very excited to have them on board to assist us in navigating through the grant process.”

Carla McAuliffe

Town Accountant

Town of Southborough

“Having Capital Strategic Solutions on board with our MS4 Community Outreach Program has allowed us to reach a variety of community members through a number of mediums. We have noticed a greater support of the program as the public has become more aware of the personal responsibilities expected of them and others in the community, including the individual actions they can take to protect or improve the quality of our local water resources.” 

Pat Haley

Assistant Public Works Director

Town of Westminster


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